Sheria Publishing House invites proposals for monographs and collections of essays that address Kenyan, African and Third World international legal themes. Authors should note that Sheria Publishing House publishes affordable, accessible, high quality original materials that emphasize analysis and theoretical work grounded in the legal materials of themes and subject matter of the book. Books in all areas of law including Contract, Evidence, Torts, Criminal Law, Real Estate and Conveyancing Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law and International Law as well as International Economic Law are welcome. This list is merely suggestive.

Review of book proposals and for getting successful proposals to press have a fairly short review time. All book proposals should include a title of the book, a proposed table of contents, a sample chapter, a curriculum vitae of the author(s) and a brief statement containing the following: the main themes and arguments of the book; its importance particularly the gap it intends to fill; other books in the market that fall within its niche and why it is different from them, its intended market; its estimated length in printed pages; how long it will take to complete the final manuscript and possible peer reviewers for the manuscript. Proposals should be sent to: sheriapublishing@gmail.com